Song of Nature

Song of Nature


I listen to the birdsong,
the sound of insects in my ear

Thinking how wonderful it is to be
on the soft grass that breathes with life

the trees with their leaves hiding,
protecting a gentle circle of life

Nature’s song
is the music sweetest 

To glimpse the timeless
Beauty of the trees

To hear the sound of living things
so near but out of sight

Nature’s sounds are magical beautiful
seems a shame to tear it down

Listen oh listen to the cacophony
unseen, unheard in bustling towns below

Wildflowers blooming, the birds are singing
calling to us with gentle music

Calling us to enjoy a world worth seeing
for you see nature has it’s own beauty

Its own song, a sound heard and felt
the music is always there

Waiting, waiting for you and me
to enjoy the sound of our dear earth

The song of Nature is there,
beckoning me to really care.

Song of Nature by Kaizu-Ai-Ushio

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