Silky Softness

Silky Softness

Silky softness

Wrap me in your silky softness
Let me feel your hands upon me
marry me to your angel heart
so we will never part

Whisper me your inner dreams
the ones most simple and sincere
and I will seek to mend your fear
and keep you near   

Fall into my open arms
and let me hold you tightly
Evermore my stars and moon
I’ll see you in my sky

In the sunshine of your heart
Let me bask and tan
always be to me my woman
and me your only man

Into my eyes work your way inside me
and curl up in the softnes of my heart
and lay down beside me
evermore my gentle angel

Let me feel your gentle fingers
As you sing me lullabies
that I’ve lived so long without you
did place the tears in my eyes

Tell me that I’m someone
and belive that what you say is so
take my heart with you safely
wherever you may go

Because I don’t want to live without you
Its killing me inside
all the lonely nights
with nobody who cares what I confide

Tell me that I’m not so old
as others may find me
and if I show my age one day
comfort me but don’t remind me

If there is no love in the world
shelter me from the rain
I’ve suffered much to long
and it cannot be in vain

Show me the little girl inside
that you always wished to show
and if she’s hurting somhow
let me gently know

I will kiss and brush away
every tear you ever cried
and all the hurt and heartache
you ever held inside

Because without you I won’t make it
I need you more than words can say
and if I had to live without you
I would surely go astray.

Walk with me to Mass each Sunday
Until the day I die
and hold my hand in yours
For all the tears without you I have cried

And if you see me slip away
in a distant gaze of sorrow
Pull me back gently somehow
and hold me close until tomorrow

I’ll love you for forever
You my heartbound friend
I bask in your affection
in your care my heart will mend

Lay me in your lace
and keep me warm at night
we’ll have not heart to quarrel
and well have no occasion to fight

I have but one life to live
and time is now so short
find a way somehow
to my distant port

Don’t take my no to mean so
Don’t say that it won’t be
Because all along I’ve only wished for
someone to love me for me

And if two hearts
can be forever bound in love
bind me with you
like fingers to a glove

Because all I ever dreamed of
and all I ever wished to do
is to be forever in your care
and to find your love true

And if someday I’m fading
life slipping from my face
Hold my hand and promise
You’ll meet me in that better place

I will pause near Heaven’s gate
just so you won’t miss me
and eternal tears of joy I’ll cry
the second that you kiss me

Wrap Me In Your Silky Softness by James T  Adair

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