Dry River 

 Dry River

Evaporated desiccated river
Your veins are old and dry
Your stream can’t deliver
Skies clouds are drifting by

Days were once in stream
Flowing to the deep ocean
Now it’s gone pouring ream
Once filled with earth potion

From the valley of Robertville
Were you torrent was flowing
Lies now every moment still
In its dry up of nowhere going

And the sky’s lucid in the blue
With heaven’s gate there still
No more water coming thru
For every foliage to fulfill

Dried up sprinkling life giver
All you irrigate is now gone
In these instant breeze shiver
Carrying no circle on and on

Your riverbed is now dust
To the coming times ahead
In the valleys of the arid lost
Water blooms are all dead

Peter S. Quinn – Dry River

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