Nature’s patterns


The sun though disappears at sunset
Next day there’s sunrise its not failed us yet
The silvery moon is there every night
Full or partial it will reappear in our sight
Oceans also have constantly changing tides
But when down they will once again arise
From seeds with nurture plants do arise
With loving care they rise and rise 
Tiny seedling they will grow on high
Becoming trees tall strong they reach the sky
From woody stems and tiny sticks life will resume
As leaves sprout forth and flowers do bloom
So when things are bad from natures patterns learn
That what was good will one day again return
Like nature’s patterns of the sun moon and changing tides
When you feel your self falling remember you’ll arise
Like seedlings when we see some one down
Your loving care will nurture and ease their frown
So don’t forget next time you feel yourself do fall
You will arise again to grow, stand stronger more tall

Nature’s patterns by Micron

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