A Reason to live

A Reason to live


To the lost soul
We try to think, we try to laugh
Never have we imagined being so close
And yet so far, life sure is morose
With streaks of darkness brushing the painting
Of an abstract meaning, with a sense of belonging
Never have we imagined that to have a dream is a utopia
Illusion remains in this world full of the useless; of trivia
We wish to believe
We hope to live
We want to cling to some desperate hope
We stare at the high sky
And gaze at night, with stars so bright
We dream of flying to a faraway place
When nothing here is worth; where love is no more a grace
That’s why we wish for more
We look for the space outdoor
Could it be that outside something better is waiting for us?
Or is it only stupid to delve in other treasures and to blindly trust?
We never know what’s awaiting us; are we going to meet the fairies? 

Life is like a river; it carries away with it all the memories
Facing challenges, enjoying every blissful moment
Treasuring what is dear to us, looking forward to any happy event
These and many other more form part of our boring life
Where we need to struggle and continuously fight
Otherwise what would be the purpose of living?
We have to be strong; and continue believing
Faith, a reason to live, a goal to attain
Never should we let go; to love always and again
Because this is the only way for us to achieve happiness
And to forever dream, to never wake up, to enjoy the endless…

A Reason to live by Emilie L

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