A Lovely Fight

A Lovely Fight

Lovely Fight

It was at night

I looked at out side.

I saw the sight

two lovers are fight.

They are not angry each other,

they are shear love together.

How romantic the night was

I lost my spoil mode what I has.

I missed my love so I called her

It’s only ringing was to hear.

It happened twice then thrice

I was finally thought to be quite.

Oho little late she call back to me      

why did you called me asked she.

I am missing you I had said

She smiled and said this is end.

Why the end is this I had ask

Need to forget you this is my task. (I said)

You cant forget me she replayed

Even I love you then why you played. (she said)

I was silence because I am not wrong

I love you I said like a song.

Don’t know why she feel shy

I love someone you are the guy. (she said)

I got mad when she said

Love you too I again said.

We talked an hour at that night

we also make a lovely fight.

A Lovely Fight by Priyo Hazra

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