Right Here Waiting

right here waiting

I know how hard is to wait
Waiting for you my love
When I know you are so near yet so far
So near because I have your heart
But so far coz you don’t know
When you can come here at my side….

But even then, I am still here
Waiting for you to come along
Even I don’t know exactly when
You will be with me
To share the love that is for me…

I’ll be right here waiting
For you to make a way
A way for me, to let me know
The feelings inside your heart
Which you have kept since the time you have loved me…

I’ll be right here waiting
Even if will takes me hundreds of days and nights
Waiting all alone for you
To fill the emptiness here in my heart…

The emptiness that only you can fill
Because its only you who is being loved
By my heart since the start…

And I will just be here waiting…..
Waiting for the day we will share
The love we have kept inside
Deep down inside our hearts…..

Right Here Waiting by daisyv

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